Bat Plushies!

Sewing these guys by hand turned out to be more of a pain in the ass than I anticipated, but it was so much fun, and I think they turned out alright 🙂

They are quite easy to make, and if you want to give it a try, you can find the pattern (and some other very cute ones) here:

Sloth Backpack!

Sloths are very high on my list of favorite animals. Hugging a sloth just once in my life is one of the very few things on my bucket list (seriously, I love animals, but I can live without ever getting to pet any of them, except sloths. I want to pet a sloth SO. BAD!)

So, on the off chance that you are a sloth handler and want to make a girl very happy, please come forward. Until then, I’ll make believe with this little backpack 😉

I haven’t found matching straps yet. Also, I messed up the interior a bit, because I didn’t take the stuffing into account, so now there is only enough room for wallet, keys and phone. Bit of a bummer because I intended it much bigger, but I still like how it turned out overall 🙂