Plague Doctor

I know, I know… It’s kind of morbid. But I think a little gallows humor should be forgiven considering the current situation.

I got the template from Wintercroft and started out with paper masks:

But then I had the idea to try leather instead, which worked surprisingly well (the eyes are sunglasses, lol)
And since this worked out so nicely, I upped the ante today and created this awesome steampunk-style mask with a lot of rivets and the stitches on the outside:

I’ve learned a lot from making this one, and I know where to improve the next time… Sadly, I’m all out of rivets and leather thread now, but more is on the way.

If you want a mask like this, please feel free to hit me up!

Bags galore!

I’m really into making bags at the moment. Actually, I’m having such a blast making these that I am open for commissions, hit me up if you are interested, we’ll haggle something out.

Here are some of my most recent ones, enjoy


Multicolored 25*20cm messenger style bag

Another small (25*20cm) bag based on the same design I used for my mom’s bag, the only difference is that you can use it as backpack, too.

This backpack is huuuuuge! 30*40cm, and it turned out even more roomy than I expected 🙂

It’s up for grabs if anyone is interested!